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Chambers Pillar

  Chambers Pillar is located 165 km South of Alice Springs. As you cross the Charlotte Ranges and look to the South, you can see the tooth as it jumps towards the sky. It is a prominent column of red and yellow sandstone. As the years have past, early explorers and viistors have scratched there a names in the side.

    As our all knowing tour guide, Neil from NT Luxory Tours told us, the Chamber was discovered in 1860. It was used as a landmark for explorers to find their way.  Believe it or not, the chamber stands over 30 meters higher than the red surounding ground. Pretty amazing.  We sat at a near by picnic area and had our catered lunch. (Not out normal travel, NT Tours provided an Annervisary of a life time)  We had three salads, roasted chicken and a spinach quiche. Yum! Wash it all down with wine and a fresh fruit dish with cream topping. Wow, I need to start a cook advertising show. hahahahah

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Garh & Angela. The timer was a bit quick, but Garth made it before the photo was taken. Whew!!!
Chambers Pillar, located South of Alice Springs.
Chambers Pillar. Amazing how it looks bigger from this angle. Still 30 meters.
This is the Noth side of the Chambers Pillar. The explorers carved thier names here. Still there.
This is the old Ghan rail. We drove the 4x4 path along side it to get to Rainbow Valley from Chambers Pillar.
    The Pillar is said to represent a great Warrior that broke Aboriginal law by marrying out of his tribe. His punishment was to stand noble, but also, dead, as the great pillar for the rest of his life.  As we left Chambers Pillar, we headed through a short-cut across Maryvale Station to Rainbow Valley. Keep watching the site. We will have those photos up soon. As you know we have travelled there before, but not like this. We saw the moon as is rose over Rainbow Valley and sipped Champange with strawberries. Like I said, a Anniversary to remember.
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