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Charlotte Range

& Castle Rock

   Charlotte Ranges were beautiful. Just past Maryvale Station, we had to cross these ranges to go down the approach for Castle Rock and then Chambers Pillar. The tour company NT Luxury Tours were incredible.  We had an enormous Surburban that tackled these roads like they were nothing.

   The story is that the rock in Char6, an unnamed mountain, and Castle Rock are associated with the Aboriginal myth that goes with Chambers Pillar.  Chambers Pillar is said to represent a warrior and the rock you see here, is the lady that the warrior married against his tribe's wishes.  Char6, is the mistress bowing her head in her hands in disgrace as she views her warrior (Chambers Pillar) off in the distance. Char3, 4 and 5 are Castle Rock. I am not sure how it plays into the story but it seems it would.  Char1, 2, and 7 are Charlotte Range and the road going across it leading to Castle Rock.

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I can not believe how vast this area was. It was not anything I expected. Charlotte Range lead down to it.
This is the road leading from Maryvale Staition up Charlotte Range. The photo does not do it justice.
This is Castle Rock. It is located maybe 2km away from Chambers Pillar.
This is Castle Rock from a sand stone hole in the Pillar.
This is the unnamed mistress that bows her head into her hands that honors the warrior Chambers Pillar.

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