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Spiders of NT Australia

It Seems most of the folks I talk with have a idea that most of the animals in Australia, mainly the spiders and snakes are all poisionous.
That is not the case at all.  I have put together a small list of spider, a short description and whether they cause death or not.  Sorry, the death statement was for effect. Most them make you sick.  If anyone has photos of these creatures, send them to me. I am looking for a book at the local library.

Funnel|Brown Trap| Mouse  |  Wolf Red Back  |  Black House  |  Garden  |  Orb  |  St. Andrews
Nephila  |  Theridion  |  Fiddle Back  |  Huntsman  |  White Tailed

Ground Dwelling

Funnel Web Spider   -TOP-

Black/Brown with smooth, shiny black cephalothorax Male: 15-30mm
Female: 25-30mm  Bite dangerous. Seek medical attention. May wander into house in mating period or during raining

Brown Trap Door Spider   -TOP-

Dull brown to black. Male 20mm Female 25-30mm.   Occasionally bites but no bites have ever been fatal

Mouse Spider    -TOP-

Black, Male sometimes has vibrant red head section  Male: 12mm
Female: 20mm

Wolf Spider     -TOP-

Brown or grayish. Light marks radiating out from center of cephalonthorax. Male: 15mm Female: 25mm Quick moving. Usually found in burrow.  Male wanderer. Aggressive if provoked. Bit may be painful but not fatal.

Webbing Spider

Red Back Spider     -TOP-

Do not really like this photo. The orange on the back is more red in life.

Dark brown to black. Usually with red/orange stripe on abdomen.
Size 10mm-15mm.  Painful bite which can be fatal. Constructs tangled web. Usually outdoors higher up.

Black House Spider     -TOP-

Dark brown to black.  Male: 12mm Female 18mm.  Makes funnel web on outside of house or in outbuildings. Bite painful and produces nausea and vomiting. Not fatal.

You see these pretty often. Not to worry though, not fatal.

Garden or Orb Weaving Spider    -TOP-

Large abdomen. Hairy. Dark to light brown.  Male: 15-17mm Female 20-25mm

I combine these two because they were close, but as you see, the Garden here does not look like a orb spider.            The Orb Spider is a pretty spider, just not when it is crawling on me. :-)

St. Andrew’s Cross Spider    -TOP-

Long legs held in cross shape. Brown with yellow stripes on abdomen.
Male: 5mm Female: 15mm   Makes large web in foliage. Rarely bites. Not fatal.

St. Andrews.  Anyone know how it got its name? Email me.

Nephilla Spider     -TOP-

Brown with large bulbous abdomen.  Long frail legs. Female Large (38mm) with yellow head and purplish abdomen. Builds a large web in the garden. Female usually seen in web waiting for prey. Rarely bites. Not fatal.

Theridion Spider     -TOP-

Large abdomen.  Similar in build to Red Back. Off white to grey/brown in color.  Size: 12-20mm   Builds fine web on building exteriors and discarded machinery, rubbage. Very poisonous.

Huntsman Spider     -TOP-

Brown colored with darker patches on head section and abdomen. Very long legs.  Male: 30mm  Female: 45mm   Nests under bark on ground or in trees. Bite may be painful but not fatal.

The Huntman is pretty spooky looking. I had one crawling up me on the Aryes Rock trip.

White tailed Spider     -TOP-

Cylindrical shaped body. Dark reddish brown to black in color with a white dorsal spot at the tip of the abdomen. Juvenile specimens have a double series of white patches along the upper abdomen.   Males: 12 mm  Females: 17mm  National wanderers. Bites are very painful with cases of severe illness reported.


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