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A Town Called Alice

    Alice Springs, located in the center of Australia, southern Northern Territory. Population is currently approximately 25,000 and it grows everyday.  You almost feel disconnected from the rest of Australia here. There is always something to keep you busy though. I added a few, very few, items below. They all are right within my neighborhood. Flynn's grave, the Central Australia Aviation Museum, Tropic of Capricorn, and the Mall.  Things to come in the future "Araluen Art Center, Panarama Guth, ANZAC Hill, The Heavitree Gap Hotel (Rock Wallibies come to eat out of your hand everynight at sunset)

    Flynn, if I understand correctly, is responsible, in part, for the beginning of the Royal Flying Doctors coming to Alice Springs. He was in the AIM organization which recognized that it was impossible for every person out here in the bush to have a radio to call for help. His grave (Town2/3) is covered by the large boulder. It is located just West of the Desert Park below Mt Gillen.

    Mr. Flynn's Royal Flying Doctors plane still remains across from my house at the Aviation Museum. The photo is above. Also at the musem is the Kookaburra memorial. It is dedicated to the pilots of the Kookaburra, a small plane that crashed while participating in a search for another crashed plane.  The original crash victims were found alive, but the Kookaburra and its two passengers were never found until over 50 years later.   The memorial is fantastic. Do yourself a favor and go and learn the whole story. I condensed it a lot. Amazing.

    Town1 shows a nice, but small, part of the McDonnel Ranges that surround our little town.  No, I am not from here, but  everyone makes you feel welcomed and lucky to be here. Photo "Town" shows a great view through the famous Heavitree Gap.  The view is from ANZAC Hill which is not included.

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