Alice Springs, Australia

Hey there!!! If you have this URL, you are coming to see the Lamson Australian Adventures. One day, we jumped on plane and came to Alice Springs Australia. That was over 2 years ago. This site was constructed to share our photos with anyone and everyone. You will see Finke, Uluru, Palm Valley, Kings Canyon and so many more places when you visit our site.  We have tips on camping, spider recognition, tips on finding your way in nature, and conversion from American to Australian.   I tried to organize the links so you can create a travel path from Alice Spring.  What started as a tiny page about Alice has turned into a Northern Territory breakdown with over 200 visitors a day. Who would have thought we would have all fallen in love with the town called Alice. Wow, we are one lucky family.  So, sit back, get a beer, coffee, whatever, and start clicking.
The site has gotten an enormous response. I am amazed by all the positive comments and the range of locations around the world that visit. I hope you all keep coming back. I hope everyone likes the new look. The buttons are Java run but if you do not have Java, the links are the same thing, just click below to see.

April 23, 2001. What a hectic pass few months. I have not done all that great getting the adventures up on the site. But, alas, I will catch up. Thanks for all the great notes. Today I added Victoria Square in Adelaide, Berry Beach in South Australia, and a fantastic new shoot of Kings Canyon. In the near future, we will add be adding School of the Air, Ellery Creek Big Hole, Adelaide Zoo, and more from Kings Canyon area. Keep coming back. Remember, its free. Tell all your friends to stop by and take a peek. Try our new guestbook, email form, photo e-card sending, and tell a friend email-er! Make sure to leave us a a note. :-) A few months ago, I had the great pleasure of going to two new places.  I went up North to Gove Peninsula, Nhulunbuy and also ventures out of Northern Territory to Cairns, Queensland.  While there, I got to see the small, but fabulous Cairns Aquarium.  In Alice Springs, we went to look at the small, and very hungry Rock Wallabies.  They were something. A cheap night, near free, for one and all.  We have gone gem fossicking at Gemtree. Taken a few day trips. I think you will enjoy Jesse & Emily Gap. Click on the links below.  Drop us a note...we love to hear form you and try to answer every message.

If you use, take, borrow, whatever, any of my photos, could you do me a favor and send me a note?  Not to worry though, I love to share. All photos on this site are copyrighted.  Email us at

Australian Adventures Photos & Facts

Alice Spring & Local Attractions
   Rock Wallabies.....They look like little mini kangaroos. Come feed them!!!
   Alice Reptile Centre.....See Taipans and Goanas, very cool!!!
   Lions Camel Cup Races 2000.....I raced in this one...
Alice Springs Sunsets....more colors than you can imagine
Camel Race Training ...they also offer camel safaris.
Lions Camel Cup 1999 races.  Ever seen a camel race.  Ugly animals!!!  :-)
The Old Gahn ...the train of yesteryear.
Alice Springs Flood 2000 Over 1 foot of rain.
Queen Elizabeth II   A visit to Alice Springs
Museum of Central Australia..fossils, meteorites, and bug, oh my!
The Laffing Stock Comedy Improv Troupe, Alice Springs..A must see!!
Alice Springs, Aerial shots from 4000ft up...look, there is our house
Rose Breasted Cockatoo (Galah).  Our new additions to the bird collection.
Telegraph Station. Here is where it really began. Read the history.
The Lamsons!!! We are the lucky one that get to live the Adventures!!!
A Town Called Alice. A few shots of the local attractions.
Max, Portraits of a local...biggest response yet!!
Animals of would be surprised what is in the back yard.
Mount Gillen can be seen from all over Alice Springs. The sun sets on it daily..
North of Alice Springs
   Gove Peninsula, Nhulunbuy.....Best kept secret in the NT!!
   Cairns, Queensland....What a beautiful place.  Great Barrier Reef home!
   Cairns Aquarium.....I love the fishes! Come and see!!!!
Gemtree Fossicking...find your own zircons and garnets
Devils Marbles ...the Gods must have been playing kickball
Devils Marbles 2nd Trip.  A must see if you are going 4x4ing while in Australia.
Simpson Gap. Located just out of town. Rock Wallabies.
East of Alice Spring
Jesse Gap Located  about 20KM East of Alice Springs
Emily Gap Located about 15KM East of Alice.
Trephina Gorge. Our favorite camping site...many side trips on this one.
Trephina Gorge.  Trip 2.  The first rain in 4 months. Bye Gilmores!!!
Ross River Resort,  A real outback experience.  Page 2 of Ross River
South of Alice Spring
   04/22/01 Kings Canyon 2nd Trip..shots from the top!
   04/22/01 Victorian Square, Adelaide I love the city and country meet in the town center
   04/19/01 Berry Beach, York Peninsula Crystal blue the tide pull though
   03/28/01 Cletta Farmhouse, Yorke Peninsula Lovely resting place...Warooka is a joy!
Rainbow Valley & Mushroom Rock.  A second trip, but it includes sunset.
Chambers Pillar.  Stands 30 Meters over the red ground around it.
Charlotte Ranges  Cross over these to get to Castle Rock/Chambers Pillar.
Ewaninga, home to literally thousands of Aboriginal Rock Carvings.
Kings Canyon, our first trip thanks to the Suits...the lovely little girl is theirs!!!
Olgas (Kata Tjuta).  Come see. I liked it better than Uluru.
Ayers Rock (Uluru). The largest Monolith in the world. We were there!!!
Mt. Connor.  Mistaken for Ayers Rock all the time.
Adelaide, Australia ...come on to the Adelaide Zoo
Sydney Opera House, Sydney, NSW, Australia..breathtaking
SEGA World, Sydney, NSW, Australia...the kids loved it!
Sydney Harbour Bridge...You can see for miles up there
The Rocks, Sydney NSW, Australia
Darling Harbour, Sydney...Olympics are coming!!!
Chinese Gardens, Sydney..a gift from China to Australia
West of Alice Spring
Standley Chasm, 80 Meters high...lovely colors. Pretty view coming in too.
Rainbow Valley. Only 138km South West  away from Alice. The colors change!
Finke Gorge National Park. 4x4! The mountains were the prettiest yet.
Palm Valley was something. I felt like I was in the tropics, not Australia.
Extras!! Absolutely nothing to do with Alice Springs

St. Albans, Vermont, is where we came from.
Vermont USA, a winter wonderland..come see the snow sports!
Knotts Berry Farm, California USA...better than Disneyland!!
Disneyland, California USA...Goofy is my favorite character


So, having troubles understanding what your Australian buddies are talking about? We
put together an Australian to American vocab listing.  It is not huge but it may help you
in your travels. Enjoy!  Have a look.  Thanks Di and Ken!!!
Hey, something new.  I just added a distance, liquid and dry measurement,
and temperature conversion page for all to use or print off.  Also, I added a page
that shows what time it is around the United States in comparison to Alice
Springs, a time zone chart. Enjoy.

Weather in central Australia with monthly highs/lows and rain.  Coming here,
come check out the weather.  Taking tours with sunsets being a factor, here are
the times sunrise, sunset for 2000.

Camping recipes that need no utensils!!! Some great ideas whether you are
backpacking or out on a night bush walk.  Check them out!!!!

As promised. We have a ton of Dutch oven recipes. Categories include Beef
recipes, Chicken recipes, Breakfast & Biscuits, Deserts, and Stews & Casserole.

 Been lost before!!??.  Here is how to tell your direction by using the SUN,
STARS,and MOON.  Don't wait until you are lost, read the easy info right now.

I know, everyone thinks the spiders here are all deadly. Here is a short list
with descriptions, sizes, and comments on what sort of illness they cause. If
you get bitten and are in doubt about what kind it is, get medical attention.
Added photos!

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